Friday, November 09, 2007


A friend pointed out to me today that this sounds like repentance.

This, not so much.


Chris Anderson said...

Steve Camp kind of blew Driscoll up in the comments section of the first link. I watched a few minutes of the sermon. I must say, the comments about the "asylum" didn't bother me so much, but the fact that he's wearing a t-shirt of Jesus as a DJ, even as he confesses in prayer that our sin is caused by our failure to understand and revere who God is...well, it's ironic, anyway.

I've said positive things about Driscoll when the occasion has arisen, and I appreciate his words here, but there still seems to be a "disconnect" of some kind.

(Note: I've no right to critique a guy's confession of pride, nor is that my intent. I'm painfully aware of my own.)

Bruce said...


I have not watched the video, so I am going by the transcript excerpt at Between Two Worlds. I am so grateful to hear Driscoll say these things and hope that it bears fruit in his ministry. His tone-- not merely the crudeness, but his self-awareness and delight in it-- has always troubled me.

The title "Willow Creek Repents?" was given by the boys at Leadership Journal's blog, not by the Creekers themselves. In their videos, they admit that they were wrong, but it seemed to me to be more in the sense of being mistaken or off-track than an admission of transgression. And, when it was followed by not brokenness but just as much confidence as before in their ability to chart a bold, new course, I can't say that I saw the fruit of repentance. A change of course, perhaps, but no more humility and faith than before.

Ben said...


I think you recognize that there's a world of difference between a blanket endorsement (which I wouldn't give any living person who does not also have a divine nature) and a simple contrast between two types of Christian leaders on one particular point.

One of the two men to whom I refer has given clear evidence of increasing wisdom and submission to Scripture. The other has employed creativity to find new ways to marginalize it when the bankruptcy of the old ways has become apparent.

tenjuices said...

I realize I am biased but from what I have studied and heard and seen in person of WCreek, it seems like it is church for 'pre-believers.' Odd that Hybels is somewhat saying that they don't feed there when that is what the critique has been all along, a mile wide and an inch deep. Nothing replaces one to one discipleship and intent study of the Word.

Chris Anderson said...

I'm not correcting or criticizing you, Ben. Not at all. Your point is fine. I'm just making an observation.

I appreciate you pointing both links out.