Saturday, November 17, 2007


Sure, it's a rivalry, kinda like the rivalry between the hammer and the nail.


carpediem365 said...

Oh yes! I would say that is an accurate simile. Go Bucks! Maybe we'll still make it to the BCS Championship game...fingers crossed.

Chris Anderson said...

Nice win. Again. (Yawn)

Of course, it might be different when we lose our best talent to the NFL & have a rebuilding year.

Oops. I keep forgetting that that's what this year was. My bad.


Anonymous said...

I heard it was rumored that Les Miles of LSU might be considering the Michigan job.

Here is my question, does Michigan really want another coach whose name begins with "L"? After 3 years his name will be LLLLes Miles.

Greg Linscott said...

We're loyal to you Illinois,
We're "Orange and Blue," Illinois,
We'll back you so stand
'Gainst the best in the land,
For we know you have sand, Illinois,
Rah! Rah!
So crack out that ball Illinois,
We're backing you all Illinois;
Our team is our fame protector,
On! boys, for we expect a vict'ry from you Illinois!

Che-he! Che-ha! Che-ha-ha-ha!
Go Illini go!
Che-he! Che-ha! Che-ha-ha-ha!
Go Illini go!
Illinois! Illinois! Illinois!

Fling out that dear old flag of Orange and Blue,
Lead on your sons and daughters, fighting for you;
Like men of old, on giants placing reliance, shouting defiance
Oskee wow-wow!
Amid the broad green plains that nourish our land,
For honest Labor and for Learning we stand,
And unto thee we pledge our heart and hand,
Dear Alma Mater Illinois.

Ben said...

Yah, have fun at the Outback Bowl.

Greg said...


My favorite stat of the game: Michigan had twelve three-and-outs. That's unbelievable.

My favorite sign at the game: Michigan needs a new Carr with Les Miles. No doubt the Michigan fan wouldn't spot the grammatical error if I told him there was one, but it was still funny. I could see Les Miles fitting in real nicely as Jim Tressel's snot-nosed little brother.

Second favorite stat of the day: Michigan's offense finally combined for more yards in a OSU-UM game than Troy Smith (but barely).

Third favorite stat of the day: Mike Hart finishes his career 0-4 against tOSU (but all four losses were due to poor field conditions, and if they played again next year, it would be a different story).

Greg Linscott said...

I have nothing invested in the Illini, personally, but Outback Bowl or not, they still beat the Buckeyes on their own field... :-)

Besides, isn't this a bit of an excessive celebration considering the opponent you defeated was 8-4 and lost at home to a Div. I-AA opponent?

Really Blue said...

I have no idea why I would even make a comment on this topic (especially with Chris Anderson's mug shot grinning at me), but in spite of what the TV commentators said on Saturday, I think there is a reasonable chance that OSU could make the championship game.

They are 5 in the BCS and either Kansas or Mizzou should be down after next weekend. If OU (or Texas) can take out the other one, that puts OSU at number 3. All it takes is a loss by LSU or WV and they are in. Make no mistake, I'm not an OSU fan, but you guys have to be hoping some teams stumble (or it will be another year of almost, shoulda made it).

Chris Anderson said...

Nothing new to say. Just wanted to torment "Really Blue" with one more look.

Chris Anderson said...

So much for LSU. We're inching closer to the title game! "O-H!"