Wednesday, October 31, 2007

So Apparently John Piper Read that Christianity Today Article

Recently I posted a link to a CT article that discusses fundamentalism and refers to a 2005 Fundamental Baptist Fellowship resolution that both praises and criticizes John Piper. Piper quotes from this resolution and responds. Here's part of it:
What I want to say about Fundamentalism is that its great gift to the church is precisely the backbone to resist compromise and to make standing for truth and principle a means of love rather than an alternative to it. I am helped by the call for biblical separation, because almost no evangelicals even think about the doctrine.
Here are links (1 2) to my original posts on the resolution.

And here's a HT: Andy Naselli

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Anonymous said...

Those folks who criticized Piper must be Neo-Fundamentalists because the Paleo-Fundamentalists would not have praised Piper at all! We are making progress.