Friday, July 13, 2007

"God's Business"

One of my co-workers said today that if he ever pastors a church and finds a good reason to print some kind of church t-shirt, he'll refuse to buy the t-shirts from a "Christian" shirt printer, even if they cost him twice as much. The commercialization of faith simply drives him nuts.

Now, I know that not all Christian shirt printers are created equal, but I kind of like the sentiment.

Later today I read this article from the Washington Post on the Christian bookstore market. Maybe I'm just cynical, but I think this statement just about sums up the sentiment, not only of the Christian publishing market, but of the whole world of mindset American Christianity:
To many, this is not just any business; it's God's business. To others, it is an opportunity to capitalize on the growing awareness of faith and the powerful political and social force of evangelicals.

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