Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bauder:Barrett = Dever:Duncan?

I'm continually amazed at how similar are Kevin Bauder's and Mark Dever's discussions of the priority of the gospel in the extent and limitations of our cooperative relationships between believers.

Here's one illustrative quote among many from this sermon Bauder preached from Jude: "The disagreement over who we should baptize doesn't cut to the very heart of Christianity."

Just for fun, compare it with an address Dever delivered at a recent conference for young adults. You can download it free here.


Chris Anderson said...

I was actually working on a post entitled "Dever Sounds Like Bauder" based on the message you link to from Dever. The similarities are uncanny.


Ben said...

Dude, we're like, soulmates.

Chris Anderson said...

Yeah, aside from the minor OBF/SBC thing, we're practically twins.

Ben said...

Merely window dressing.