Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Evangelical Politics and the New Liberalism

Phil Johnson has a stellar post today on the left-leaning politics of the Emerging Church. As he moves toward his point, he makes this spot-on observation about evangelicalism (and I don't think his point is irrelevant to many fundamentalists either):
[I]t's no accident that the elevation of worldly entertainments in evangelical megachurches has gained popularity right alongside evangelicalism's obsessive craving for clout in the political arena. I'm convinced these trends are closely related.
But at the same time, the affinity of the Emerging Church for liberal politics betrays a parallel trend toward old school liberal theology:
There are countless parallels between the Emerging Church movement and classic religious modernism. Both movements were sparked by massive paradigm shifts in secular thought and culture. Both are undergirded by a conviction that the church must change in a fundamental way or be rendered irrelevant: she must adapt her perspective of truth and certainty in order to fit better with the way the world is "progressing."

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