Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Six Flags over Billy Graham?

Just remember, friends, I didn't write this. Christianity Today did. Here's a sample:
A 40-foot glass cross built into the front of the library is the first sign that the Grahams mean evangelical business. So does the theater that ends the tour, featuring a montage of Billy Graham sermons through the years, inviting people to commit their lives to Christ. The younger Graham said he hopes people will watch his father's old messages, then come forward to talk with trained counselors about their faith.

But in between the cross and the closing invitation, the library blends sober history and theme-park fun. If you want serious, visit the museum of evangelism at the Billy Graham Center at his alma mater, Wheaton College, near Chicago. But if you want to laugh, check out the mechanical talking cow that greets visitors at the entrance here — part of the dairy farm theme that continues throughout the library.


Ryan Martin said...


Paul said...

I think I remember seeing something about how there was significant disagreement within the family about that cow.

I am sorry to hear that it will be there.

PinkAngel said...

Hmmm...should I take the little ones to a "family outing" in Charlotte?? How can we possibly pass this up, being so close?

Dan said...

I have been invited to the private dedication of the Library/Museum and plan to attend next week with my wife. I really want to see the three living ex-Presidents that will be in attendance...Carter, Bush, Clinton. We will also be having dinner with Franklin Graham, Bill Frist and several others next week as well. We have been asked to wait until June 4 to take a tour of the Library/Museum as we live in Charlotte and they want to let the "out-of-towners" who will be here for the dedication to get a tour. I've driven by it several times as I arrived to conduct early-morning devotions for the BGEA and it is, as is the rest of the facilities on their lovely campus, a beautiful though low-key ediface. As a farm-kid-that-moved-to-the-city myself, I find the robot cow an interesting "touch". I'll probably give a report of my impressions next week in my blog. I just hope they don't have a roller coaster at this "six-flags." I'm way too old for that!