Sunday, January 21, 2007

Yes, I Do Have Product in My Hair

I want to welcome any visitors that are a result of the recent free advertising, and I also want to invite you all into my life to speak truth concerning the point of Sherwood's edifying scorn. I'm open to suggestions.

And by the way, lest rumors start, that was my sister, my nephew, and my niece in the photo.


greg456 said...

This post makes no sense to me.

Bruce McKanna said...

"Yes, I do have product in my hair."

Does this mean that you really are Emergent after all?

Ben said...


Take comfort in that fact.


I did score a little higher on this scale that I was comfortable with.

bookpress said...


While I admire you inviting us into your life regarding this matter, I think that Matthew 7:3 prevents me from weighing in.

I'm curious how much of a boost you get from that unsolicited advertisement.