Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Does Your Church Tolerate Unregenerate Members?

Here's a great article on how many Baptists seem not too concerned about a regenerate membership. Have you ever thought about how many non-attending members your church maintains on its rolls?



Anonymous said...

Every church that holds to a regenerate church membership should have an accountability structure in place (there are a variety of methods) to follow up on all members.

My church has a deacon watchcare program and my deacon touches base with me almost every Sunday.

It may be elders, deacons, or some other structure. To add members but not have a follow up structure in place is poor stewardship.

Members need to be instructed of this mutual accountability.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Our church watches for this type of thing as well...it's a blessing to know that a deacon is going to call me and touch base every so often!