Monday, January 29, 2007

Racial Prejudice and the Gospel

Many sermons have been preached about the evils of racial prejudice. I suspect that many of them have missed the fact that the greatest evil of racism is that it lies about the Cross. John Piper doesn't miss this point in his (two) (part) series on racism, preached a few years ago, but podcasted recently. Those of you who are familiar with Greenville, South Carolina, may be interested in Piper's anecdote early into the first part about how both Jesse Jackson's mother and John Piper's mother listened to the same radio station—and the same evangelist-turned-college president.

Piper makes an intriguing observation:
Should we be surprised that there's a liberal twist to the most articulate, strongest black leadership . . . when in fact, the only schools open to them were liberal schools?


Gretchen said...

Hey, I saw Dever today at the bookstore. He bought 10 copies of Shriener's new book on Believers Baptism. It was a moment for me. :)

Ben said...

Oh yeah, should've given you guys a heads up.

I wonder if that means more reading for the interns . . .