Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Quote Game Volume XVIILXV (or something like that)

No googling. TNIV on the prize table if anyone gets it without hints.
There may be a danger in getting too involved in partisan politics—there are many potential snares. I am somewhat concerned when we get specific political issues intertwined with the gospel . . . ; this confuses people about the essence of the gospel. It could also have the tendency to dilute the gospel. I think this was one of the errors I made in my early ministry, and it is one I am seeking to correct. I am trying desperately to stay out of partisan politics, although sometimes it is rather difficult. The whole matter, of course, is a complicated issue. Christians have always debated exactly how they should relate to secular and political issues, and there certainly are many social and political issues that have a moral dimension. We need great wisdom to know where our responsibilities are in this area.


Bruce McKanna said...

Billy Graham--
I mean, "Who is 'Billy Graham'?"
--just in case my answer needed to be put in the form of a question.

Ashley P said...

Al Mohler?

Bookpress said...


Ben said...

It was Billy Graham.

Bruce, did you know that or did you read your CT e-mail this morning?

And do you want to send me your mailing address, or shall I gift-wrap the TNIV and bring it at Thanksgiving.?

Oh, here's the URL for the full text of the 1981 interview.

Bruce McKanna said...

Yeah, I read the article via CT Direct. It's interesting to read those articles from twenty-five years ago. That little video clip on CT's anniversary page makes me curious to see if there's some old Billy Graham footage online. I'm showing my fundamentalist roots to say that I've never seen, heard, or read a Billy Graham sermon, whether live, TV, or anything. At this point, I'd be interested for historical reasons to get a taste some of his earliest stuff.

Bruce McKanna said...

Um, do you really want me to open a TNIV from you at our extended family gathering? I don't know that that would promote a spirit of thanksgiving. Feel free to slip it to me under the table. Thanks.

Keith said...

So Ben, now you're agreeing with Billy Graham? That'd be neoevangelical instead of paleo wouldn't it? Hmmm.

Ben said...


I am not afraid. Might make for an interesting discussion.


Anti-politics makes strange bedfellows.