Thursday, October 12, 2006

Dogs on a Plane

Here are a few semi-random observations based on a couple weeks I recently spent on the road:
  1. People like to talk about themselves. Trade show exhibitors like to talk about themselves more than anyone.
  2. It's more fun to watch Ohio State dismantle a conference opponent in a big road game when you're in Ohio with Ohioans (preferably family) than from any other location.
  3. Joel Tetreau is the most huggable fundamentalist I know.
  4. It's only humid in Phoenix when I am there.
  5. Whoever came up with the bright idea that people should be allowed to take pets on planes in carry-on luggage ought to be wrapped in bacon and tossed in a cage with starving Dobermans.
  6. This video is just downright cool. HT: an exhibitor in the booth next to mine (who was NOT obsessed with talking about himself) Oh, and it checks out with Snopes.

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