Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Mohler-Patterson Calvinism Discussion

Audio from this conversation that occurred in June is now available online here.


Josh said...

I appreciated the collegial spirit of the session and the obvious admiration Drs. Patterson and Mohler have for one another, despite their differences. They've fought in the trenches together and know who the real enemies are.

I think if Dr. Patterson would have begun quoting Isaiah 53 just one verse earlier, he would have run into a problem for his position. The group of people in v.6 ("All", "we", "every one") who have gone astray, for whom the Servant suffers, are also healed by him in v.5. Doesn't that seem to tilt the passage toward a definite atonement?

tjp said...

I enjoy both Mohler and Patterson, but I thought their "discussion" was rather bland, if not completely worthless.

In reality, it addressed little and accomplished nothing, except perhaps to leave the impression that there's really not an issue (at least not a material one) between the Calamite and non Calamite positions.

I would like to think that perhaps their slugfest come lovefest was really a signal to their respective parties about how the coming debate should be conducted.

If that's the case, then perhaps something was accomplished. If not, I fail to see anything of value in their meeting.