Monday, February 27, 2006

Shepherds Conference Shout-Out

Had to take a brief break from a ridiculously busy day at work to say I'd love to meet any readers who'll be at Shepherds' Conference this week. Although I did enjoy an opportunity to visit Grace Community on two Sundays last fall while I was in California for work, this will be my first visit to Shepherds'. You'll be able to recognize me because I'll be wearing this t-shirt. I only have one, so by the end of the week you'll probably be able to smell me too.

I'd love to get a group photo of all the self-professed fundamentalists in attendance. I thought perhaps right after Phil Johnson's "Dead Right Part Deux" might be a convenient time. For those of you who would like to maintain your anonymity (you know who you are), I will bring a healthy supply of paper bags with eyeholes.

Anybody else on a 10:00 a.m. flight tomorrow out of O'Hare?


NeoFundy said...

I'll be there Ben...Perhaps we should plan on meeting around lunch on Thursday?

Bob Bixby said...

Ben, does anybody with the name "neo fundy" count as a "self-professed fundamentalist?"

Ben said...

Bummer, Neo. I think that's the day I have to meet with Phil Johnson because he wants me to help him improve Pyros.

Bob, didn't you set him straight on all that stuff last week? I had such high hopes for you.

NeoFundy said...

Naaaah...Bob found out that I am as hopeless as he is. At least I have "fundamentalist" in my identity...some have actually reverted to "evangelical." LOL...another time is fine...I have no real agenda...just looking forward to some great fellowship.

david said...

Hey, I'll be, ok, here. Love to get together when we can, Ben, your rigid standards of association notwithstanding.

Ryan Martin said...

Please tell me that really are not going to be wearing that t-shirt.

Ben said...


I was just kidding about the Pyros thing. Thursday sounds great to me. Right now I'm the designated driver on the rental for a party of six, so I'm constrained in part by the whims of some fellow who likes to call himself "Mea Culpa," but one way or another we will all need to get together.


Thanks for your patience with my idiosyncracies, as always.


What's your beef with the shirt? Are you afraid that it will augment the theories of fundamentalist anti-intellectualism or something?

Ryan Martin said...

My typographical errors are doing a good enough job at that, thank you.

Let's just say I find many similarities between "Christian T-shirts" and Christian puppet shows.