Wednesday, February 01, 2006

"Debaters Are the New Missionaries"

Interesting article on debate programs in evangelical-fundamentalist colleges.
Debaters are the new missionaries, having realized they can save a lot more souls from a seat at the top—perhaps even on the highest court in the land. "Evangelicals have always wanted to persuade people to the faith," says John Green, a senior fellow at the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life. "The new thing is that evangelicals want to be more involved in the world now.


Anonymous said...

If the reporter of the newsweek article had actually chosen to represent Liberty Debate as what it really is I think you would see that we are much more that the attack team that we come across as. Nothing we debate is religious and even if it was we would lose debates, because thats not what debate is about.

Ben said...

My complaint is not with debaters or debate teams, but with the flawed strategy and theology articulated by John Green and Jerry Falwell in the article.

Michael Riley said...

The error correction from Newsweek is hilarious: Falwell said that his debaters are "a salt team" (a "you are the salt of the world" reference), while the article originally quoted him as saying that his debaters are "an assault team." That's just good comedy :)

Ben said...

We couldn't make up stuff this good if we tried.

But I'll bet Falwell can. I wouldn't be surprised if the pun had occurred to him before and he used it without thinking how it could be mis-heard.