Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Counsel Me, Immoderate

Ryan Martin wrote:
For the time being, I will simply say that the use of drama in evangelism has no warrant from Scripture, which remark will hopefully temporarily suffice.
As much as my brain wants to agree, my heart fears what would happen to the Christmas cantata industry and the John W. Peterson heirs. I also fear that I might have to repent for my past participatory activities.


C. Caleb Roth said...

In all these discussions I'm sure this must have come up... Where do Ezekiel's "Action Sermons" fit into this debate? Or don't they fit in? Maybe I should go and pose this question at Immoderate or maybe he'll come here to help me.

Joel said...

I'd hazard to guess that Ezekiel wasn't exactly proclaiming the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord.

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. I will have to ponder all this. I was about to lead my sunday school class in a discussion on the Gospel according to the Matrix.

I especially liked the calvinism side of Matrix theology.


I might have to scrap it all.

Ryan Martin said...

Ben, I am hoping that we can somehow find a way to redeem the culture of church cantatas for gospel ministry while still adhering to the "no drama in church" position. Perhaps we should start a thinktank devoted to that very topic. Or write a book.

C., I do not think I would consider Ezekiel playing out a drama or a great actor. For one, he was always stereotyped in the same roles, and never offered much complexity in the part. Seriously, I do not think an object lesson is acting any more than telling a story is. Was Jesus a great actor because he told parables. There are probably a number of evangelicals who are ready to make that connection, but we are trying to rid evangelicalism (broadly speaking) of the non-intellectual side, aren't we?

Paul said...


I love the new picture!Is there a reason you do not have a post that introduces and explains it?