Saturday, February 11, 2006

Carson on Redeeming Cuture

Friend KB called me today to share a quote and some context from D.A. Carson that he read this morning in For the Love of God, vol 1. February 10th entry (yeah, he's a day behind).
As Christians, we are called to engage our culture, not for the purpose of redeeming our culture, but for the purpose of seeing those within our culture redeemed.


Scott Aniol said...

What does he (and what would you) mean exactly by "engaging" culture?

Ben said...


I asked KB to read me the context to get as much of a grasp of it as possible without actually reading it all myself. I think a fair summary of his view of "engaging culture" would be to live as a gospel-bearer in the world—distinct from it but not isolated from it.

If that's not what he means, it is at least what I mean.

Scott Aniol said...

I don't know; I just hear a ring of "We need to be like them so that we can reach them." I may be wrong.