Friday, June 10, 2005

Typical or Aberrant?

Like G-Knee, I didn't know these kinds of things happened anymore, at least not to "first-time visitors." I know enough of the background story to report that this is no backwater/backwoods ministry, but the kind of place that is perceived by many as a standard-bearer.

I would like to think this attitude is a rare exception. But I wonder if attempts like this to be dead right are less aberrant than they are just plain abhorrent.


Chick Daniels said...

That kind of story is an illustration of why so many are leaving
Fundamentalism...because it shows that at a root, these people do not
have the ability to relate truth to ministry. Can anyone imagine
Christ telling the woman at the well, "we don't talk with harlots

My favorite story in this regard is from my sister at Maranatha back
in about 1992. She worked for the school cleaning the gymnasium after 11:00 p.m. or something like that. One night it was
bone-chilling cold...around zero or less. She decided to dress for the
occasion and wore sweatpants to the gym. This would help her legs from
the knee down avoid frostbite from the driving wind.

Sure enough, someone saw her trying to stay warm, and ordered her back
to the dorm to change into coulottes. So she marched back, grabbed her
scissors, cut the sweatpants off at the knee to make them coulottes,
and froze her legs walking back the gym and was thereby declared
spiritual. I don't know of that kind of thing still goes on at Maranatha. Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Chick, No that sort of thing doesn't go on at Maranatha anymore if you are at an off campus event. Women are now allowed to wear pants. Honest.

Hershey said...


It's "culottes."


Apparently that kind of thing could still happen on campus, just not off it.

Great to see how this blog brings people together, though.

Chick Daniels said...

Who is "Hershey"

J Gearhart said...

Actually, women can wear pants for certain things. I worked in the gym (many late nights) from 95-02 and those who were cleaning were allowed to wear pants. Also, if ladies are doing something active or athletic in nature I know that it is the prefered that they actually wear pants instead of nasty culottes. Yes, it is easier to wear pants off campus than on, but I believe the rules are much more reasonable now then they once were.