Friday, June 10, 2005

Another Anniversary and Its Memories

I'm not an impulsive person. Those of you who know me can testify to that. But I don't regret the most impulsive thing I've done in a while—deciding on the spur of the moment one year ago today to leave work at 4:00, drive 4 hours to D.C., stand in line for 5 hours, and pass through the Capitol to view the President's casket lying in state, followed immediately by a 4 hour drive home and work the next day. Ok, I was an hour late to work.

The memory of standing in line with KB (close friend), talking with other Reagan respecters, and sharing our bags of jelly beans (RR's favorite candy, for you young 'uns) with others in line will be with me forever. Providentially, we had extra time to savor the moment since we were in the Dome for about 15 minutes for the changing of the guard. Having done what we could to be a part of the historical events also made Friday's ceremonies at the National Cathedral and the Presidential Library that much more meaningful.

I don't want to moralize, but I learned a lesson last year that has been impressed on me since: Memories are worth more than convenience and sleep.

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Chick Daniels said...

Also interesting is that Reagan passed away within a few days of the 25th anniversary of the death of John Wayne. Wayne portrayed on screen the kind of straightforward man that Reagan was. The two were friends, and Wayne campaigned aggressively for Reagan back during his run for California governor.

J Gearhart said...

Ben, do I sense a hint of sentimentality. I side of you I haven't seen. You aren't becoming a softy are you?!

Ben said...

I only get sentimental about all things Reagan. Oh, and immediate family members.