Friday, April 09, 2010

"The seeker-friendly churches are not of God."

So says . . .

. . . Benny Hinn.

Wow. Just Wow.

And in marginally related news:
Together for the Gospel, The Gospel Coalition, and the so-called Young, Restless, Reformed resurgence of Calvinism all gained their strength chiefly because they effectively answered the trends that had been spawned by evangelicalism's attempts to broaden its base by becoming more and more inclusive. A return to that practice will in very short order utterly nullify any gains those movements have made.
I think Phil's last sentence is true. I hope it's true. I'd rather the gains be nullified than that they gain momentum by the force of a hollow shell of celebrity-obsession.


Reforming Baptist said...

Wow, Benny Hinn does have something in common with us, I wonder if he'll be invited to speak at a national reformed conference!! Ahhem.

d4v34x said...

I couldn't watch that whole thing. I echo your 'wow' sentiments.

On the other hand, that lady on the organ is sort of awesome in a . . . twisted way.