Saturday, April 24, 2010

Cleaning Out the Browser Tabs

Tim Challies discusses whether doctrinal error is always sin. His argument that it isn't always sin is attractive but seems to me to crumble under scrutiny. What constitutes matters of lesser importance? What if doctrinal error leads us to fail to obey biblical commands? Can't our consciences be so twisted that they tell us lies. There may be another argument that reaches his conclusion, but I don't think he gets us all the way there.

Some really worthwhile admonitions to pastors to guard against the sort of pride to which we are particularly susceptible. Thanks to David Murray at the Gospel Coalition blog.

Someday maybe somebody will ask who was the first man to speak at both Capitol Hill Baptist Church and Inter-City Baptist Church. Two links provide the answer.

If I weren't crazy I'd say this and this sound like the sort of difficult but ncessary decisions fundamentalists made in the first half of the 20th century. Go ahead. Call me crazy.

Speaking of Mack Stiles, I haven't read his newest book on the gospel yet, but this makes me want to.

And finally, an IFB professor argues that Machen would have called today's SBC leaders fundamentalists, not indifferentists.

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