Wednesday, June 01, 2011

In the Interest of Fairness and Honor, Where It's Due

Previously, I've obliquely pointed out the irony of a militantly separatist institution naming a dorm after Bibb Graves.

Well, Bibb's been expunged. I (and people better-connected than I) am unaware of any public explanation, but I'm assuming that a thoughtful insider did some good work. Thanks to you, and all who advanced this decision.


Todd Wood said...

I had no idea.

Joshua Caucutt said...


Andy Efting said...

It is very interesting to me that, per the Wikipedia article you site, that two historically black colleges or universities also have buildings named after Bibb Graves, not to mention several other southern schools, including the University of Alabama and Auburn University.

Emory University, where I work, is celebrating its 175th anniversary this year. As it does so, it has looked back into its history and found some embarrassing connections of its own to slavery and race relations.(e.g., ). Many southern schools are faced with the same thing. Instead of ignoring the past, or renaming buildings, Emory has embraced the situation to take an honest look at their role in the history of slavery and the implications of that role. They hosted a conference back in February on Slavery and the University: Histories and Legacies ( ), where they invited speakers from many southern colleges and universities to present what happened at their respective institutions. I think this is a good approach.

Andrew said...

Hey, Andy, hope you are having a great Monday. Still praying for you and Daphne after the passing of your sister-in-law. Grace and peace to your family.

Interesting post. If you were BJU's PR guy, what are some of the steps you would suggest to counteract some of the continuing bad feelings over race issues? Would you suggest a similar approach as to that of Emory's?