Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Good Stuff from the Junk Drawer

1. I enjoyed reading Scott Simons' reflections on the life of Jack Kemp at NPR.org, and hearing Cal Thomas' radio tribute, especially the part in which I found out that he was a member of a gospel-preaching church.

2. How great is the irony when disgraced convict and former DC mayor Marion Barry is the lone voice for family values on the DC city council?

3. Associated Baptist Press is a Baptist news agency founded in 1990 as an independent, alternative to SBC-operated Baptist Press. Some closer observers might say it's designed to be a non-conservative voice with a deliberate anti-Conservative Resurgence slant. From what I've observed, I'd be inclined to agree.

About a week ago, ABP published an article detailing the changes Al Mohler has made at Southern Seminary since he became president in 1993. For whatever reason, ABP pulled the article a few days later. The tone strikes me as if it was intended to expose information that would be damaging to Mohler. Frankly, the facts suggest he deserves gratitude and honor, so via the magic of Google, here it is, at least for now.

4. Some guy who once earned a trip to LA in an audition for American Idol (or so I've heard) told me about the American Conservative University podcast. Seems like a nice balance to my NPR habit. Top shows I've heard so far are #s 364 and 365 (Newt Gingrich lecturing in James Carville's classroom) and # 382 (Peter Schiff explaining why we shouldn't have been surprised by the financial system meltdown).

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Anonymous said...

I really like that last link, thanks for bringing it to my attention Ben.