Friday, November 03, 2006

Here's a Passage I'll Bet You've Never Heard Preached

Anybody ever heard anything from this text? Deuteronomy 14:22-27

I'm thinking prob'ly not.


Chris Anderson said...

Now that you mention it, I think I could preach a humdinger on v. 27.

Andy Efting said...

Yes. Dr. Charles Dunn was teaching chapter by chapter through the Pentateuch while I was at UBC in Clemson. I don't remember any details but I know we covered it. Dr. Dunn's best leasons were from the chapters about which I didn't think he could find anything worthwile to say.

Ben said...


That reminds me.

Yesterday in our staff devotions I shared some thoughts from the story in 1 Samuel 30 about how David and his men recovered their families and belongings from the Amalekites--particularly how the real reason for David's demand that the spoils be shared had more to do with the fact that he viewed it all as a gift from God (rather than the more-frequently preached moralism that the people who "stay by the stuff" are important).

Along the way I made the mistake of pointing out to our sharp-witted staff at Positive Action that I had briefly considered as a title for the devotional, "Drinking, Dancing, and Dying" based on verses 16-17. Afterward, I was confronted with the fact that I had missed the whole point. The real reason for the death of the Amalekites was that they had hired a band.

Ben said...


How could you forget the details of that study? Talk about high interest material!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

That passage is one that gives me my line that the sacrifices in the Millennium are not 'memorial' but 'barbecuial'. When I preached through the OT last year I skimmed through this section and don't think I mentioned anything specific on Dt 14, but my proposition for Dt 12-21 seems to fit in with this passage:

"The preaching of Moses is designed to engender a God conscious mindset in every area of life."

Deuteronomy is an awesome book, BTW. Since it is basically a collection of four sermons, it is easy to preach from.

Don Johnson
Jer 33.3

billy bob said...

that passage has generally been suppressed and ignored because of prohibitionist revisionism.

Chris Anderson said...

Nice, Ben. That solves all the current controversies among yf's right there. Bands, drinking & dancing are all capital crimes.