Friday, September 22, 2006

"Young, Restless, and Reformed" Now Online at CT

You may have heard of this cover story published a few weeks ago by Christianity Today. Discussions of Piper, Harris, Mahaney, Driscoll, Mohler, Dever—all the usual suspects. Read the full text here.

***Edit: Add link to sidebar article.***


Baptist Crusader said...

"Once you're exposed to [doctrine]," he said, "you see the richness in it for your own soul, and you're ruined for anything else." - Josh Harris

I couldn't have said it better. This is my personal experience coming out of the IFBX movement. I believe that doctrine will change lives, and do all the work that I was trying to do in my own futile efforts.

Ben said...

Well said. Doctrine gets a bum rap. I'm not talking about studying doctrine to pile up knowledge or win arguments. I'm talking about how doctrine grounded in a right view of God changes the way we think and the way we see everything else around us, including ourselves and our problems and our sins.

Fundamentally Reformed said...

The article was every bit as good as I thought it was going to be. He was very fair in his presentation of the modern resurgence of Calvinism.

Thanks for posting the link.

Jonathan Moorhead said...

I loved that line by Baptist Crusader too. It is a wonderful article. I am particularly glad that they touched on the movement in the Southern Baptist Convention. Additionally, it's good to see Jonathan Edwards get the recognition he deserves. Much of what makes Piper so good is that he is Edwardsian.