Friday, September 22, 2006

Will Evangelicals Vote for a Mormon?

Here's an interesting and entertaining conversation on Al Mohler's radio program. I laughed out loud when Mohler responded to a self-proclaimed "right-wing fundamentalist Christian zealot" with the line, "Someone who calls himself a zealot usually isn't."


Josh said...

I listened to this the other day, and I was struck by what Mohler and his two guests assumed: that evangelicals would vote - as a block - for a Republican. The only question in their minds was, would it/should it be the MORMON Republican?

Another thing: With Romney as the candidate, the GOP wouldn't be able to play the "our candidate is a believer like you" card. You know the ritual - the candidate visits all the right people (Dr. Dobson and others) and says enough to make evangelicals think he's one of them. I think we're too easily manipulated by the neo-cons.

Ben said...


I think a lot of the discussion was in the context of a Hillary Clinton Democratic nomination. I can't imagine her doing any better among evangelical voters than recent Republican candidates have done among inner-city African-American voters.

Ben said...

The Wall Street Journal published an editorial on Romney today. Read it here.

Josh said...

Will Paleo ever post again?