Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Church Growth News

Some of my family members had occasion to be on a Christian high school campus last week. There they saw a plaque with a large picture honoring the school's chancellor, who also happens to be the pastor of the parent church.

The dedicatory text of the plaque proclaims that since 2001, the church has become the fastest growing church in the world, averaging church growth of 4,000 per week and 10,000 baptisms per year.

Three questions remain in my mind:
  1. What kind of mindset does it take to be duped by this kind of asininity? (Oh yeah, this one.)
  2. How could this kind of mindset have been acceptable in the fundamentalist mainstream for so long?
  3. How in the world can a Baptist church grow by 4,000 people per week when it's only baptizing 10,000 per year? (And no, this church is not Bethlehem Baptist in Minneapolis.)
Oh, the plaque is in the school hallway near the drinking fountains and the restrooms.


Irenaeus II said...

At least the deification of Hyles isn't still going on by the fundies.

PT Barnum said...

I wonder if that high school is my alma mater in the bustling town of Schererville, Indiana? My father in law is principal there as we speak.