Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Say What?

Another pastor's secret sins have been revealed. It doesn't make me happy. It certainly doesn't surprise me.

This is what made me almost fall out of my chair:
The only part of Flockhart's résumé that checked out was his assertion that he had been accepted at Liberty Theological Seminary "to begin working on a second doctorate."

Officials there initially told The Post he was not enrolled. Later, they said they discovered he paid his registration fees directly to seminary President Ergun Caner.

"The pastor is enrolled and has paid in advance," said Ron Godwin, executive vice president and CEO of Liberty University. "I love those kind of students."

He said Flockhart did not turn up in university records because Caner apparently recruited him. A Turkish-born Muslim, Caner converted to evangelical Christianity, then set off a firestorm in 2002 by describing the prophet Mohammed as a pedophile possessed by demons.

"Dr. Caner has a wide outreach to church leaders all over the United States and, as president of the seminary, enrolls a number of pastors individually," Godwin said.

Besides, Godwin said of Flockhart: "He's a good friend of our chancellor, Dr. Jerry Falwell."
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Full story here.

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P.O. Box said...

Why is it that apologies only come out when they get caught?