Monday, August 28, 2006

My Favorite Cartoon of All Time

I think there's a metaphor in this.


G-Harmony said...


Your most favorite cartoon of all time is a strip from Garfield?

Personally, I find much more wisdom contained here.


Chris Anderson said...

I agree with GH: Garfield???

The Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes are unbeatable, IMO. And GH, the snowman series had me laughing right out loud. "Precious memories."

Ben said...

I'm not saying Garfield is better than Far Side or C&H. Clearly that would be stupid.

But my point is not about funny or witty--or even aesthetics.

I'm talking about the theological insight of this one strip.

g-harrmony said...

I am extremely reluctant to relegate anything to Garfield.


You want theological profundity from a comic strip? Consider this.

Sarah said...

Although I understand your point, Ben....I would tend to agree with my good friend G and Mr. Anderson is very hard for me to draw theological enrichment from Garfield. The main reasons being he is gluttonous and lazy. But again, I understand your desire to enrich us....:-)

Ben said...


Since when have gluttony and laziness been issues to fundamental Baptists?