Monday, August 07, 2006

Cautiously Pessimistic: Phil Johnson on the "Emerging" Conservatives

I think there are some ideas advocated by the radical conservatives in the Missional or Emerging movements that radically conservative evangelicals ought to consider. If you've been reading here over the past couple weeks, you've seen me sift through some of them.

I also benefited from Phil Johnson's recent post on the "Emergent Conversation". Phil has obviously done his homework on all this stuff and reflected to the point that he sees some philosophical design flaws that are eventually going to reveal foundational cracks in the movements.

It's a long post, but make sure you read the "Coda."


Anonymous said...

Who is this Phil Johnson guy that I keep hearing about? On a few Christian sites that I look at I am beginning to see more and more things like "I don't care what you think, here's what Phil Johnson says on the subject...", "Before we go off the deep end, let's call Phil Johnson", etc.

Am I going to have to go to a jewelry store and get even more bracelets to wear?! I already wear my WWJD bracelet (What Would John Calvin Do?). Do you think I need to go and get my WWPD bracelet now?

PaleoPhilagelical said...


The Mad Thinker, Phil Johnson, has taken over the Christian blogosphere with his mind control rays!!!

Anonymous said...

I was actually serious. I'm fairly new to these blog things. Everywhere I look on some Christian site there is a reference to this Phil Johnson guy. So far I don't know what to think of him other than he must be a pretty popular guy since everything we say and think has to be run by him first! Maybe I should teach my children that instead of wanting to be like Mike (Jordain - of basketball fame) they want to be like Phil.

Ben said...


As a rule of thumb, I don't interact with anonymous comments, but since you're new to this whole thing (welcome), this will tell you all you ever wanted to know about Phil Johnson:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Ben, whomever you are.

At the moment I don't have time to check it out,but I will later on. So far on my "life on the blogs" as I like to call it, what I've deduced is that the main guy we need to look up to and run all our thoughts by is a guy named David Cloud. I don't know who that guy is either, but his name is all over everything. He either gives his blessing or admonitions about every person and subject known to Christianity. Would I be correct in thinking that Phil Johnson is to be given the same credence?