Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mourn with Those Who Mourn

In my life I've been blessed to attend five US National Team soccer matches. I've traveled distances anywhere from nearly two hours to more than seven. Tonight the team will play in Cary, North Carolina, just over an hour from my home. What's more, I'm within a half hour of Cary for most of the day.

Problem is, I'm here for class. Until 9:30. Which is about the time the game ends.

Fortunately, it's a World Cup tune-up against Jamaica with no real significance. But that only eases the pain marginally.

What's more, tonight's Marriage and Family class will discuss singleness. Salt in the wound.

I sure hope I set the VCR timer right and I can stay up till midnight.

Oh, it's on ESPN2 at 7:00 for any other intelligent life forms out there. (Yeah, that's a shot at you, T&J.)


Anonymous said...

Paleo, as any person interested in sanctification would know, thoccer is off limits. It is a vice that has destroyed the christian heritage of europe and has strengthened the hold of catholicism upon south america.

Those who fight for truth and justice must rally behind Football and guns.



Anonymous said...

I only like 30 seconds in soccer...when the announcers tells us there has been a goal. Since that is so rare, I must say I quickly flip past any soccer match in favor of the latest "chick flick". Sorry.

Josh said...

Don't know if this post will make it past the sensors. . . I am being kicked out of my own home tonight because of a "personal" wedding shower. Furthermore, I have no capability to record the match. Please pray for my attitude.

Truth and Justice, I like American football as well, but I am uneasy with several things:
1) tight pants on large men
2) how often you see men holding hands in the huddle
3) the whole situation when the center snaps the ball to the QB

Call me a homophobe, but I would rather watch soccer anyday.

Ben said...


I rest my case on intelligent life forms. Jim Rome and the other Cro-Magnons must be real proud of you.


You don't help my point at all when you allow yourself to get kicked out of your own home.

Brandon said...

Ben, of all pictures to use, you used BEN OLSEN. For what reason? I must ask. Oh well. Go USA!

Brandon said...

Ben, let me say..."nice prediction work!" I had just finished typing the reply about the Ben Olsen picutre when I saw that he scored the first goal for the US.

Ben said...


I'm going to have to 'splain some things to you about POSTING RESULTS WHEN I'M WATCHING THE GAME ON TAPE!!!

Ben said...

Oh, and I posted the Olson pic because of his spiritual haircut.

That and I was in a rush and it was on the front page of ussoccer.com

Paul said...

Wow. It is posts like this that force me to remind myself that paleo is a personal friend. If he was not, I would never visit this blog again.

And Josh, I feel for you--not because you were kicked out of the house.

Anonymous said...

Josh, I will take those minor infractions in the football game to the following:

1. Number 1 sport in france
2. men in short shorts
3. men playing footsies
4. soccer fan shooting flare guns
5. that poor brazilian sap who was gunned down in the airport

Basically I will with just the first reason.

Josh said...

I am back from my banishment to read Ben's blog once again. They better get SI up soon. I'm going through withdrawal not being able to get my quota of sparring with KJV only types.

The #1 sport in France jab really hurts. I have no witty come-backs. There is nothing I can say. . . except please visit and donate: http://www.mbbc.edu/page.aspx?m=386

Will G said...


Did you hear that Barcalona is playing 3 games in the US after the World Cup? We should connect over the thrashing of which ever MLS team is lucky enough to get to go to school with those fine folks from Spain.

Will G

Ben said...

I have a hard time getting excited about those games since the Euro clubs seldom bring their top players. It'll be worse this year since they'll be giving the guys who played in the WC a break.

Ben said...

By the way, I used to know a Will G. Are you he?

Anonymous said...

1. Lets be clear football (and it is known as football everywhere else in the world and actually requires you to use your feet, which "American" does not)is the number one sport- without question.

2. You are concerned about the feminization of sport, yet is America not the country pushing ballroom dancing for the olympics

3. Historically speaking, America really hasnt offered anything original when it comes, well to much of anything (J. Edwards excluded). Innovation is the modus operandi and lets be honest every sport America has is really a "bastardized" form of something British.

So before we run around making these authorial claims, lets remember what America has offered: fat men in pads (rubgy players dont need pads); tall illiterate basketball players and fat, lazy, opulent, immodest baseball players who chew (cricket really is more refined).

I'll take the world cup anyday over nascar (the criteria of which to be a fan is that you eat potted meats and drink 'lite' beers (another american corruption- oh i can go on!


Josh said...

T and J, now you understand why Columbian soccer players get gunned down in airports