Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Grudem on Sexist Language in TIME Magazine

I love it when people use sarcasm to point out the hypocrisy of postmodernism and political correctness.


Pittsley said...

Good point. The title of the TIME cover story serves to point out that the translation is more agenda-driven than usage-driven.
What a shame! The NIV could stand a good thorough updating after twenty years of critique, not because usage has changed drastically but because mistakes have been discovered and advances have been made in linguistic and exegetical arenas.

Billy Bob said...

The TNIV is not as much agenda-driven as many (ahem WORLD ahem) would have you believe. There really are many places around the world that do use gender-neutral language in English consistently. America is not even the only English-speaking country. The TNIV is more an update to the NIVI than the American NIV.

Mark Roberts made a thorough review.