Friday, April 29, 2005

Three Guys Who Didn't Have a Vote Have Their Say

At least that's the way the participants described it on Al Mohler's daily radio program.

Quick summary if you don't have reliable audio over the web:
Mohler's hope is that this pope is the last pope—that he renounces his authority and proclaims Sola Scriptura.

They note some common ground evangelicals will find with Benedict XVI: agreement on life issues, objectivity and reality of truth, and the fact that God has spoken. We'll disagree on the Protestant view of Scripture versus the Roman Catholic subjection of Scripture to the tradition of the church church with the pope as its head.

Their most interesting observation is that conservative evangelicals and conservative Roman Catholics may be the last people on earth who can have an honest disagreement. As Ratzinger said, "Truth is one thing, not many things."

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