Monday, April 04, 2005

Hypocrisy and Inconsistency: How to Be Wrong All the Time

World Magazine is a must-read for me because it consistently reveals the hypocrisy of the religious elite, the academic establishment, and the media. The most recent issue (4/2) documents two glaring examples.

The first is the story of William and Kay McClanahan. During these past few weeks we've learned all about the legal rights of the adulterous husband Michael Schiavo. Now, Mrs. McClanahan is facing a cadre of doctors who want to withhold medical treatment from her husband despite clear evidence of the potential for rehabilitation. So much for spousal rights.

The second is an expose of the shenanigans at the University of Colorado concerning Ward Churchill, the radical professor who called the 9/11 victims "little Eichmanns." Meanwhile, Phil Mitchell, an award-willing professor at U of C, is being dismissed for the unpardonable sin of quoting Thomas Sowell and other black critics of affirmative action.

Get used to it. "Free speech" now means freely choosing to speak only what the secular leftists endorse. Apparently it wasn't enough for them to be wrong most of the time. Now they are willing to embrace irrational inconsistency in order to be wrong all the time.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, but Kay McClanahan is extremely emotionally disturbed and the link to the article in this blog is completely inaccurate. Bill McClanahan had already died and his heart brought back to life once, and all he was left with was a severe anoxic brain injury and minimal brain stem function (yeah, only that tiny piece at the bottom that connects to the spinal cord). He showed no signs at any time of any meaningful recovery, and his treatment was beyond what was moral and ethical to do to another human being. Not only that, but Kay McClanahan physically attacked a nurse at a hospital in Columbia, after which her husband was transferred to MUSC in Charleston, SC. She was unfortunately so delusional that she requested a psychiatric consult for her husband Bill, stating that he was "depressed" as he lay there completely flaccid, unresponsive to pain, ventilator dependent. He was as close to brain death as a patient can get without being completely brain dead. Kay McClanahan attempted to "arouse" her husband through sexual stimualation, and the details of those acts are too disgusting to post. She threatened lawsuits on a daily basis and "fired" every medical professional that walked into her husband's room, only because she didn't want to hear the unfortunate and sad news that there was nothing else the hospital could do for her husband to provide any sort of recovery at all. Kay McClanahan is a very sad person who unfortunately lost touch with reality when faced with handing her husband over to God.