Saturday, March 31, 2012

Never post angry.

That's why I took a half hour to cool down, physically (no small task in my neck of the woods) and metaphorically, after a jog in which I listened to a couple lectures by a dispensationalist fundamentalist.

A couple pleas:

1. My dispensationalist friends, who lament (justifiably) the frequency at which you're misrepresented, please don't do the same thing. Please understand the positions you're critiquing. And don't lump everyone who disagrees with you into the same lot, as if they all believed the same thing.

2. Please get your facts straight. Don't spread blatant inaccuracies. (We used to call them lies.)

3. Please stop insinuating that everyone who rejects your position does so because it's the hip, popular trend.


Anonymous said...

Can't help but think of Groundhog Day when Bill Murray steals the groundhog and says to not drive angry.

Paul said...

What were the lectures?

Andrew Suttles said...

Cryptic post, brother!

I think the key reason that Dispensationalists are so frequently mis-represented is because their system is still 'evolving' (changing). Each of the Darby, Classic, Revised, Progressive, Pauline, and Ultra groups see themselves as holding to 'the' correct form of the system.

For a good (the best) overview of a Baptist system of Biblical theology centered on the Bible's Covenants, see AW Pink's The Divine Covenants.