Thursday, March 29, 2012

Like a Moth to the Flame

No matter how hard I try, I just can't quit this blogging thing. But life's much more busy now, all of a sudden. (If you're a facebook friend, you already know all about that, but this blog isn't about me—FB clearly is.) So in light of that, posting here may be intermittent, or even less than that, but I ain't done yet. I've stepped up my game a bit on Twitter though. You can follow me there @ben_wright_ for worthwhile links, poor-man's observational comedy, and attempts at pithy commentary. Here's a sample:

~Had lunch today with a dear brother who came to Christ through the ministries of @JohnMacarthur and Hal Lindsey. #synergy

~Keller on commuter churches (video, start at 52:12):

~Bridges: "Though perseverance is developed in the crucible of adversity, it is energized by faith."

~Piper's #Bloodlines, special discount @WTSbooks: (discount appears when you add to cart)

~Helpful @SBTS panel on Christian ministry & #Islam: (I remember that Toledo mosque 30 years ago.)

~#SCOTUS on #Obamacare: fascinating. Most justices interested in essential legal issues. Others simply want to advocate policy.

~Sills: "80% of pastors pastor within 200 miles of their wife's mama. I've gotta wonder who's calling whom."

Now if that wasn't fun enough, I have a couple photos for you.

I think the first one is of a 1970s Acts29 pastor:

And the second one . . . well, let's just say this wasn't a difficult choice, at least not for me:

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