Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Northland Way of Discipleship

This is quite helpful, both in what it denies . . .
Discipling the heart is so much more demanding than disciplining actions. A rule book chock full of hundreds of prescriptive restrictions and patterns of conformity doesn’t get to an effective discipling of the heart very often. We can achieve outward conformity while never achieving inward transformation. Conversely, it’s even possible to do many good and wonderful things and still miss the mark. If good deeds are not done in love, they are worthless. Chapter 13 of First Corinthians warns us of this.
. . . and in what it affirms . . .
[W]e cannot rely on an artificial system that’s built simply on the accounting of "external wrongs" to discern the level of spiritual vitality. We have seen how easily these systems can be gamed and never get to the business of discipling the heart. Because of this, we ask our faculty, staff, administration, and student body to covenant together in immersive, life-touching-life discipleship. We intentionally get involved in the lives of our students so that real, Christ-modeled discipleship can occur. We humbly pray with full reliance on the Holy Spirit to accomplish the transformative work of Christlikeness within the heart of each and every student. And from this work, we pray that our students will become true followers of Christ who will deny themselves, take up their crosses, go to the far reaches of this world, and make disciples of others also.
Few institutions could have produced this document, and fewer still could actually implement it.



Joel said...

Good stuff man. Thanks for sharing. Maranatha last week. Northland this week. Who is it gonna be next week?

d4v34x said...

My money's on Central's lastest ethos statement.

And for the benefit of Look Up, no, I'm not really placing a bet here.