Monday, May 24, 2010

Fun Stuff from the Browser Tabs

1. If you think this video begins with a pointless dodge to a perceptive question, John Piper would agree. (The link is well worth a read, as it differentiates his view of culture and preaching from Driscoll's.)

2. But watch further, because the answer to the second question is a provocative observation from Ed Stetzer on cooperation in missions: "Missions in general has historically been the pathway for theological compromise." A couple weeks ago I heard him say the same thing about inter-church cooperation. Watch for his fuller explanation in the video, which articulates the wise conclusion that varying levels of cooperation demand varying levels of theological agreement. "The markers are going to be determined by the level and intent of the cooperation."

3. Kevin Boling's interview with Ligon Duncan on the Manhattan Declaration isn't new at all, but it didn't seem to get much play. Duncan answers all the questions that have quite appropriately been asked, and far more thoroughly than others have done.

4. Sally Jenkins, thoughtful sports columnist for the Washington Post, asks a useful question tied to current events, but I wonder how many really want to hear the answer:
What has happened to kindness, to the cordial pleasures of friendship between men and women in the sports world? Above all, what has happened to sexuality? When did the most sublime human exchange become more about power and status than romance? When did it become so pornographic and transactional, so implacably cold?
5. And finally, Bob Bixby is vlogging. Coincidence? I think not.


Mike said...

Would Stetzer be skewered if he were a fundamentalist making that same comment?

roger said...

re #1, i wonder if piper's real vs. make-believe division is worth anything. is cartoon nudity better because it's make-believe? is reality-show profanity worse because it's real? is documentary violence worse because it's real?