Thursday, May 06, 2010

Franklin Graham, Sounding Livid

In a Newsweek interview, on Islam and his Pentagon disinvitation. Strikes me as though this scenario is the inevitable outcome of the collision between a pluralistic society, the fa├žade of public faith, and a man who'll say publicly that some forms of religion are reprehensible. It's where the American experiment hits a bit of a snag.


Anonymous said...

And it illustrates the danger posed by any Christian leader who seeks access to the halls of power for the purpose of preaching the Gospel. Those halls have a price, and Franklin Graham (to his credit) won't pay it.

I do think that Graham is overdoing it when he says that to exclude him is to exclude evangelicals. That comes dangerously close to equating his own personal access with the access of evangelicals.

Anonymous said...
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