Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ministry Idolatry

Some great stuff from Driscoll here. Haven't watched the video but the 11 questions are really useful tools. Taylor adds links to some top-notch resources, particularly Powlison's article.

And if you want to pass this on but don't want people to be seduced into evangelical compromise, here's a helpful disclaimer you might use (adapt at your discretion):
The fact that this volume is being used as a text or reference in __________________ does not mean that __________________ endorses its contents from the standpoint of morals, philosophy, theology, or scientific hypothesis __________________ The position of __________________ on these subjects is well known. In order to standardize the work and validate the credits of __________________, it is sometimes necessary to use books whose contents __________________ cannot wholly endorse because no entirely satisfactory publication is available.


John said...

Sounds oddly familiar. Should it?

Brandon said...

Was that disclaimer a direct copy from anywhere?

ben said...

I think I just found it on the internet somewhere, guys.