Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How the Gospel Shapes and Transforms Parenting

I'm just starting to dig into William Farley's Gospel-Powered Parenting, but it looks like a terrific tool to help us bring the gospel to bear in our families. Farley's point is one that evangelical Christians desperately need to recover: "The goal of Christian parenting is heart transformation" (43). Far too often, our goal is transferring morality. And moralism kills the gospel. I'll argue that this is a rebuke fundamentalist Christians need every bit as much as a wider spectrum of evangelicals.

Farley argues that parents can substitute many things for the gospel: techniques, therapy, and even . . . religion (50-51). In their place, he proposes seven ways the gospel affects parents (46-48). The gospel . . .
  • Teaches Christian parents to fear God.

  • Motivates parents to lead by example.

  • Centers families in their male servant leaders.

  • Teaches and motivates parents to discipline their children.

  • Motivates parents to teach their children.

  • Motivates parents to lavish their children with love and affection.

  • Is the solution for inadequate parents.


Bruce said...

Is this some kind of announcement?

ben said...

Yes! It is with an indescribable array of emotions that I can announce that I am a . . . youth pastor.

d4v34x said...

Man, you had quite a posting flurry here.

I also recommend Ted Tripp's .

Just sayin'.

d4v34x said...

Hm, that was supposed to say Tedd Tripp's /Shepherding Your Child's Heart/.

Dan said...

Just finished this last month. Excellent read!