Friday, July 10, 2009

How I'm Celebrating Calvin's 500th Birthday

I think what I'll do most is pray for a one family of dear friends, and another family of my close relatives, who've left the United States in the past month for opposite ends of the continent of Asia. They have a few things in common. One is that both families have taken up the cause of the proclamation of the gospel to the ends of the earth. Another is that both have moved to nations whose governments hate the gospel. And the third is that they're all Calvinistic in their soteriology—the adults, that is.

Here's a hymn I've grown to love, which I'll not soon sing without them in mind:

Words: Thomas Kelly (1769-1855)
Music: The Sacred Harp, 1844; harm. James H. Wood, (1921- ) [not quite sure who holds the copyright on the music]

Oh, and I'll also be hoping that the Baptist's who've been placed in prominent positions and who like to slander either them or what they believe might just take the day off.


Bruce said...

Thanks for posting this.

Chris said...

That hymn is wonderful, Ben. Thanks for posting it. I've heard the tune before, but never with a text. This is as solid a missions text as I've seen. Amen. We'll be introducing it at TCBC soon, Lord willing.

Anonymous said...

I personally celebrated this day with both a burning and other acts of cowardice.

Chris Anderson said...

This has been our hymn of the month for August, Ben. It's fit perfectly with our evangelism/missions series. Thanks for this!