Monday, July 27, 2009

Driscoll and the Hour of Power

In light of some comments here a few weeks ago, I wanted to follow up on Mark Driscoll's preaching trip to the Crystal Cathedral. Driscoll reports briefly here:
On Sunday, June 14, I preached two sermons at the Crystal Cathedral in Southern California. The trip went well. I paid my own travel expenses and preached without an honorarium as a way to ensure I was just serving Jesus. Everyone was super kind and allowed me to preach Jesus without edits. The sermons will be broadcast to 12 million people nationwide on the “Hour of Power” TV show, so please pray that people meet Jesus. They don’t have a firm date yet for when the show will be broadcast, but we’ll let you know on the Resurgence and on my Facebook and Twitter , so keep checking back. My first sermon was on Jesus’ claims to be God, and the second was a brutal tour of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in our place for our sins.
Robert Schuller hasn't aired the program yet. (We'll see if he ever does.)


Daniel said...

According to Mark's Twitter account, it airs on August 23rd.

SB said...

wow i wonder what the Big Mac Attack thinks probly
i wondr if thats any different than having a tv show on TBN