Saturday, August 16, 2008

Christianity and Liberalism

A better articulation of the fundamentalist idea you will not find than J. Gresham Machen's Christianity and Liberalism.

A better deal you will not find than Westminster Bookstore's Classic of the Month special.

If you're a pastor and you haven't read it, you should. Chances are it'll change your mind or give you better arguments for what you already believe. If the next generations are to be persuaded of the historic, biblical idea of fundamentalism, it will be through this kind of argument.

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Doug Smith said...

Amen on this recommendation. Machen competently focuses on real fundamentals and shows that liberalism is another religion, despite shared terminology (since we can have the same vocabulary but a different dictionary). I found this book to be a helpful read during my time as at a nominally Christian college. Machen nails it.