Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A Southern Baptist on Racial Discrimination and Institutional Apologies

In the early 60s, Eugene Florence received a diploma from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

In 2004, Southwestern's faculty and trustees determined that Florence should have received a master's degree, but was awarded a diploma instead.

Because he is black.

That year, SWBTS president Paige Patterson invited him back to the campus to receive his master's degree.

Last month's Baptist Press article on that commencement ceremony includes this report of Patterson's words:
When the Southern Baptist Convention began in 1845, Patterson said, its founders had many things right. "But they made one tragic mistake. With regard to race, our convention took a very sad position that was unbiblical, ungodly and un-Christian in every way," Patterson said during the commencement. "It is one thing to make a bad mistake. It's another thing to never come to the point where you say, 'We were wrong.'" [emphasis mine]


Bob Bixby said...

My comment (#56) on the super long thread fits here better. I'm critiquing the mentality of fundamentalists and how so many hide behind the word "principle."

Brandon said...

I can't imagine the motivation behind this post. Good point and historical nugget nonetheless.

Jim Peet said...

Waiting for BJU to do the same

Anonymous said...

I just love Paige. He is a man of tremendous character.