Friday, December 14, 2007

Don't Mess with the Dispensational Evangelists

We already talked about Tim Tebow after a little event last January that I'd rather forget. But now he goes and wins the Heisman, and is getting even more press about his faith and his background in evangelism and missions. Here's a link to his dad's evangelistic ministry's statement of faith.


Brian said...

I just found out this week that Tebow's dad graduated from Western Seminary, along with Ware and Schreiner. Small world (big Gator nation)

Anonymous said...

As a Florida State fan, I can accurately state that "gator nation" is closer to a "gator closet". If you looked at a map, there is the city of gainesville and a few push pins in Jacksonville. Outside of that, there are no gator fans.

Paul said...

Is that because FSU is so much more worth rooting for?