Thursday, August 02, 2007

Pastors and Pride

Good words and warnings from Rick Phillips Carl Trueman on the ambition to teach that can subtly undermine a biblically appropriate desire to teach the Word:
[W]hat concerns me most is that students may simply desire to be teachers. If that is their motivation, then they have already abandoned a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith, and their theology, no matter how orthodox, is just a means to an end and no sound thing. It is why I am very sceptical [sic] of the internal call to the ministry as a decisive or motivating factor in seeking ordination. Nine times out of ten, I believe that the church should first discern who should be considering the Christian ministry, not simply act as a rubber-stamp for a putative internal call which an individual may think he has.


G-Harmony said...


The post belonged to Carl Trueman.

Ben said...

Aarrrgh. I think I've done that every time I've posted a link to R21.

Maybe all Presbyterians just sound alike to me.

G-Knee said...

love that quote. not that it matters as I won't be "called", but it seems to be a trend in Bible college grads. Wanting to be in the ministry to be able to discuss ideas and authors, but without the ability to minister effectively to the hurting people that are immediately around them.

terpstra4 said...

Would this be formally recognized in the ordination process or the license to the gospel ministry? We know you want to shepherd, you have good theology, but do you love God's people and can you carefully and lovingly care for them. Fewer questions on the KJV and more on the biblical role and requirements might help this. But as Piper says, there is at least a hint of pride in everything we do.