Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good Books on Pastoral Ministry: An Oxymoron?

Most of my seminary reading in this genre was pretty frustrating, but I've read a few of these books, and they're a different breed. Excellent deals, too.


Chris Anderson said...

Thanks for the link, Ben. Dever's books are a must-read. I'm working on Carson's Cross & Christian Ministry right now, and I'm way overdue on Rutherford.

Beyond these, I'd say that all pastors should read much on the gospel (Barrett, Bridges, Mahaney, Puritans, etc.). For books which more specifically address pastoral ministry, Strauch's 2 on the elder and the deacon are great, and Bill Hull's The Disciple Making Pastor has really helped shape my understanding of ministry from Eph. 4:11-12.


Ben said...

Thanks Chris. And I can't believe I didn't mention another one—Bridges' The Christian Ministry. It's not on sale, but it's my personal, hands-down #1 recommendation.

Bruce said...

Another oldie-but-a-goodie:
Lectures to My Students by Spurgeon

Ben said...

Kinda funny how many of these were written in centuries other than the last two.