Friday, April 06, 2007

T4G Book Release

On Monday Crossway will release Preaching the Cross, a compilation of the addresses from Together for the Gospel 2006 dedicated to "the next generation of preachers of the cross."

I think Phil Ryken's blurb summarizes well both this book and the objectives stirring behind it:
This book on preaching the cross is written by the best of men who know the grace of the crucified Christ and serve in the power of his resurrection. It is a call for other minsters of the gospel to faithfully proclaim the message of the cross and the empty tomb. It is also an invitation to share in the fellowship of godly pastors who stand together for Jesus in a world that needs the gospel.
Here's the closing paragraph from Dever's introduction:
Above all, as you read this book learn again to preach the cross. That is what a minister of the Word of God is called to do, from the New Testament and the Old, and in a way that is understandable and penetrating, faithful to the truth of justification by faith alone, visibly and verbally exulting in God's grace, reflected in our lives, and shown over the years and decades of ministry that God may give you. Preach the cross. That's why we came together. That's why we wrote this book. We pray that is what you're encouraged to do by reading it.


Ben said...

Get it way cheaper here.

Josh said...

I was wondering who they'd get to write the blurbs for the dust jacket, since they all usually write them for one another. Phil Ryken makes sense - who else do you think?

Ben said...

David Wells is on the inside flap with Ryken. I don't remember what's on the back.