Monday, April 30, 2007

Fire Photos: A Landmark Destroyed

If you never visited DC's Eastern Market, these photos may not mean much. But anyone who's ever visited this traditional neighborhood market, until today in continual operation since 1873, can't help but feel sadness and perhaps some nostalgia. Several friends have remarked already today how fortunate they were to have stopped by just yesterday afternoon.

I'm not an engineer by any means, and I don't know how much damage fire does to brick and mortar, but it seems as though much of the structure is salvageable. Thanks in advance to all of you who pay taxes for the restoration that $20-30 million of your generous contributions are about to accomplish.

(The bottom photo shows the dumpster where the fire started.)


Jeff said...

You're welcome.

Molly Carlisle said...

Bah! That's one of the placest I hadn't visited yet. :( hmph.

Ben said...

I promise you I had not seen any official estimate of the rebuilding cost when I guessed at "$20-30 million."

But check out this link. Either I'm a lucky guesser, or else real journalists get their facts from blogs.